Love From a Distance: Anne and Nathan

“I had officially given up dating after being burned big time by my last relationship in 2008. My friends had been telling me to try online dating but I just couldn’t get past the stigma of it and I am concerned about my safety. “

Anne doesn’t like the idea of posting her pictures and personal details online. The thought of it makes her freak out! Finally she joined and because she is an attractive girl she was getting a lot of emails. She wasn’t interested in any of them until she received her first email from Nathan. Nathan signed up on the same online dating site and was looking around at some newest profiles. It’s more of a weekly ritual for him. He described Anne as the most beautiful brunette he ever spotted.  Then he read her profile that speaks more about her personality and style and wasn’t just another usual “about me” profile.  Nathan didn’t expect Anne to write back.

Anne loved the fact that Nathan was the first guy she’d seen on the dating site with a “rockstar” look that she really went for. In his pictures she saw that he had an incredible smile and tall. At first, Anne wasn’t too impressed by his profile. He seemed a little too interested in sports, beer and outdoors. But she decided to take a chance because she find him cute in his pictures and he was all about being real and there were no games involved.

Nathan tried to email her often and to his surprise she did respond and they started communicating a lot. On their first date, he brought her a dozen of white roses and they went to brunch. Then they shared a magnetic attraction to each other that grows every single day. “I love being in love with him, said Anne”. “I never expected to meet someone that I could fall in love with online. I encourage anyone who’s hesitant to take the chance because you will never know unless you try.

Congratulations to Anne and Nathan for sharing their love story, who wouldn’t let distance get in the way of love.

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