7 Mar 2011

Dating with Confidence

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There is nothing more appealing than a person who looks and acts like he knows exactly what he’s doing. How a person carries and presents himself or herself is a time-tested aphrodisiac. Confidence is sexy and alluring to both men and women. Not only that, confidence reflects self-acceptance and self-love. People who have lack of confidence when dating often fall into the trap of over analyzing things, thus, building up stream-loads of stress. Confidence will give you that extra oomph and catapult you and some lucky person to the stars and beyond.

Do some thinking about what makes you “you”. Spend some time getting to know yourself. By getting out in the world and doing things you can also learn a lot more about who you are. Get involved in your life! You’ll discover much about the world and reinforce your own sense of self at the same time. When doubting your abilities or you’re feeling insecure, don’t hide away. Sometimes you need to take a deep breath, get out there and do the very things you’re unsure about.

It is true that looking good will make you feel nice but overdoing it may cause major disasters. Don’t kill yourself worrying about other people’s opinion of you. Dress your best but still be comfy. Wear something that you will look splendid in but comfortable enough to move around. True confidence is the courage to be who you really are without apologies. Confidence breeds confidence. If you feel good about yourself, even your date will feel the same way too! Confidence is not something that you have to go out of your way to display. In the end, it’s not the makeup, the tie or physical appearance that makes the person attractive. But it is the wisdom and experiences attained throughout a lifetime which makes you who you are. True beauty comes from within and confidence is being your real self.

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