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Why Do People Use The Internet In Finding Love

May 31, 2011

As part of being single, dating has become one of the most exciting yet disappointing activity. And because of the vast changes that technology has taken off, it has made dating not just an activity but a virtual one. People seem to prefer this way of meeting other people since a lot of dating sites offer […]

Tips On How To Be Successful In Online Dating

May 27, 2011

The internet has indeed revolutionized courting. More and more people are trying to be a part of online dating. Since this has become a new trend in the society today, you might as well try to consider some tips if you really want to be successful on this one. First is that you have to […] Is Here For You!

May 23, 2011

Everybody is looking for love. Everybody wants to be in love. Every body wants to feel loved. This desire can be brought to you by one of the biggest and best dating site ever:! Match has been consistently been giving its customers the satisfaction of looking for love. It has a great personality test […]

A Glimpse of Online Dating

May 19, 2011

Haven’t tried online dating before? Do you find it boring and too liberated? If you think so, then clear up those thoughts in your head and try considering online dating. Have another look on it because you just might like it. Online dating does not only gives you fun, but it also gives you the […]

Writing Your Online Profile

May 15, 2011

They say first impressions last, so if you do believe in this one, you got to bring out the best in you as you write your online profile so that you can have a chance to meet a lot of online daters too. How do you do that? All you have to do is be […]

Simple Steps in Creating an Online Profile

February 7, 2011

Now that you have finally decided to give online dating a try, you should employ a stand-out profile in order to achieve top results. An essential point to consider whenever writing an online dating profile is to ensure that it stays entertaining, up-beat and also thrilling. First, the way to a successful online dating profile […]

List of Top Rated Dating Sites

September 10, 2010

We all deserve the best, especially when it comes to love because it’s not easy finding the right one for you. It is somehow a journey of twists meeting different people but at the end it will all go down to one thing and you will be with someone whom you deserve most. So to […]


August 28, 2010

We all want to find somebody to love… somebody whom we can relate to… somebody who has the same interests as ours. Because of this urge in finding that someone, some people resort to go online dating. And since dating has gone digital nowadays, more and more people want to try their luck with this […]

A Teenage Online Dating Advice

August 15, 2010

Psychologist Reka Morvay shares some dating advice about teenage online dating. Watch the video to learn more about teenage online dating. credits to

Teens On Online Dating Sites

August 10, 2010

Given the fact that you are a teen, it means that you are very much involved to various activities that is fun and creative in a way. One activity that teens get involved with is dating.  Teen dating, may it be online or off, is very popular in today’s generation. This is the time when […]